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The Story

Curtains drawn, yet a warm breeze peels them open. Hazy light filters in across her face. The silk shirt? Sure, but even that feels like too much. A hint of perfume behind her neck, a final glance in the mirror. She is ready to shine. 

She said to meet her on the rooftop. Would she be waiting? No, she prefers to make an entrance; everybody pretending not to notice that the air just got a little more – charged. A drink, of course. No ice, just a little too strong. Food from around the world, but she likes the taste of the ocean, the salt on her lips to start. 

A beautiful, vibrant crowd stirring; long lost lovers, no longer strangers, friends for life or just for the night, still vibrating from the energy downstairs.


Giselle offers an elevated dining experience in a dazzling, panoramic setting in the heart of downtown Miami.  She is sophisticated yet eclectic, seductively captivating, edgy, and extravagant. Blending Asian, Mediterranean & French-inspired cuisine, elevated cocktail programming, and exquisite design, Giselle serves up a journey to remember. Upon arrival, guests are transported in a private elevator up to the main entrance of the indoor-outdoor restaurant featuring a fully retractable roof, where they are invited to step into the sultry fantasy world of Giselle.

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